Toowoomba Preview Screening a Success!

Toni and Josh Mitchell

On Saturday, a special preview screening of ‘WORLDS APART’ was held in Toowoomba at Birch & Carroll Cinemas. The exclusive event was opened by Toowoomba’s official Town-Crier, Ralph Cockle with the sound of his bell and a hearty “Hear ye! Hear ye!”

150 special guests attended the event including representatives of care organisations and local residents that featured in the documentary. Toni Mitchell (pictured) was featured in the film as the Mother and full-time carer of Joshua (pictured), who was born with Down Syndrome.

“I was very nervous about having our lives being put into the public eye but… it was a great documentary. Josh had an awesome time watching himself and those he loves on the big screen” Toni Mitchell

During the screening, Kleenex were on high demand as the film delved into the challenges and joys associated with raising a child with a disability. After the screening, guests were treated to a Q&A with the films Director/Producer Tim Robinson, Producer Matt Nelson and Joshua‘s mother Toni Mitchell.

A birthday celebration followed for Joshua who turned 10 over the weekend. Brisbane songwriter and musician, Kaytee Faulkner, performed a beautiful song she wrote, appropriately titled ‘Joshy’. The night was capped off with the cutting of birthday cake and many well wishes.

This Saturday is Sydneys turn to preview the film. A screening will take place at Castle Hill, Event Cinemas. Buy Tickets.

Photos by Rod Hanckel (2010)


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